A collection of over 6200 identities for the Dedekind Eta Function

The Dedekind eta function satisfies many identities and many modular equations are equivalent to Dedekind eta product identities. Beginning in 2004 I started to collect some identities that I found and I put them in a canonical form that was inspired by Michael Trott's results from 2000. Some of the identities are equivalent to ones published and a reference to it is given if known to me. Some of the identities were found by Ramanujan. Many others are equivalent to identities that I found in my own research activities. This list of identities can be explored to formulate conjectures such as my conjecture about a unique and remarkable eta product identity. I have automated scripts to check all the identities in my collection but I offer no proofs of these identities. *Please* don't publicize any internal links such as the level files and eta07.gp. I will change them any time when I think I need to keep away agressive search engines. *Please* inform me of any typos or other kind of errors.

Nota bene: Caveat emptor et caveat lector.

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